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An approach to interior design that always keeps you in the centre.


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Site Visit



Space Planning

& Design Concepts

Design Build



The first step is to arrange your complimentary consultation. You may already know exactly which services you require or you might not have a clue - either way we can discuss your initial thoughts about how you want to adapt your living space. Either by phone or video, it'll be a great chance to check there is chemistry and allow me to get a feel for your style and personality.


Whatever your requirements, the next step is to assess the area making sure that I know all the measurements and all the nooks and crannies. It will also be a great opportunity to refine and confirm the brief and talk through some initial thoughts.


I will take all that we discussed in the discovery phase to put together some initial thoughts how best to plan the space. This will be displayed by 3D drawings, allowing you to visualise how the space will be utilised.  To help you to get an idea of the 'feel' of the room, I will present mood boards which will give examples of the type of style and colour palette I will employ when sourcing furniture and items.



Once we have the theme and the layout, we now move onto the exciting part where you choose the furniture and fittings for your home. I pride myself on searching far and wide for the perfect fit, so you will not have a shortage of options! I always encourage feedback from my clients as this is absolutely key to making sure the end result is exactly what you wanted.

At this stage is where you'll start seeing your home design come to life! Working within your budget, I will source everything that is necessary to complete the work required to transform your home. My approach is to always be transparent so you know exactly what your budget is being spent on - we will work from a procurement list and nothing will be completed without your final approval.

Now that the planning phase is complete, we begin the transition of making it reality. In the form of 3D drawings, sketches and samples you will get the final word on all the elements that make up your new home. When all of this is decided, final models are created as a blueprint which will ensure installation is carried out efficiently and correctly.

Seeing your home come together is the most exciting part. Within a defined schedule, each element is delivered and installed to the highest level, with any on-site management handled by your designer. This leaves you with the simple task of admiring your gorgeous new home.



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Tailored services that make sure your personality shines through.



Whatever stage you are at in your home design journey, my services can help you reach your final goal.

The below gives you a guide as to what I can offer, but of course each project is unique and is treated as such.

All prices are bespoke - to get a quote you can get in touch here.

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You may have the basis of your design sorted and just need some expert advise to solve some specific issues.

If you fall into this category then a few hours with a designer by your side can be enough to help you apply the finishing touches to your home and ensure that everything works the way you planned.

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If you have not yet figured out your style then having a designer around can definitely help you unlock it!

You will have layout proposal(s) as well as the entire design concept including mood boards, colour palettes and material suggestions, enabling you to proceed with total confidence.

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As the name suggests, this is the most complete package taking you from the initial inspiration right through to procurement and styling.

You get to focus on what inspires you and the designer takes care of all the details to the highest standard. This includes sourcing, negotiating prices, arranging tradespeople, final installations and after care. 

You are central to your design, so you'll always have the final say and get close contact with your designer throughout.

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