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How we work

It all starts with a good conversation. For us to do our magic we first need to acquire as much understanding as possible of what you and your space need.


There is never too much information, and we do like to know all your dreams and aspirations so we can think out a way to bring it to life.


We can offer your renovation and interior design project as much help and support as suitable; working from layout and space planning, through colour schemes, mood boards, design concept board until completion.


We are specialists in designing bespoke furniture, providing everything from technical drawings to sample boards.


Most of our clients also choose a stress-free project support. We have extensive connections with high-end, premium and contract trade suppliers, taking care of all the sourcing and procurement hassle for you.

Tailored services that make sure your personality shines through.

COR Process

The first step is to arrange your complimentary consultation. You may already know exactly which services you require or you might not have a clue - either way we can discuss your initial thoughts about how you want to adapt your living space. Either by phone or video, it'll be a great chance to check there is chemistry and allow me to get a feel for your style and personality.

minimal livingroom


Whatever your requirements, the next step is to arrange a site visit and assess the area making sure that we get all the measurements, even all the nooks and crannies. This will also be when we will have the opportunity to discuss the requirements further to refine and confirm the brief.


After the discovery phase, visuals will be produced in your unique style considering the best plans for your space. To give you a ‘feel’ of the room, we will present the concept boards to showcase of the style and colour palette. Using state of the art 3D models and photo realistic renderings, you will be able to get a real sense of your dream space and how the layout will be utilised.


Once we have the theme and the layout decided, we now move onto the exciting part where you choose the furniture and fittings for your space. COR London Studio prides itself on searching far and wide for the perfect fit, so you will not have a shortage of options! We always encourage an open dialogue with our clients as this is absolutely key for making sure the end result is exactly what you wanted. This is also the moment when all of the bespoke furniture finer details are approved prior to going into production.



At this stage you'll start seeing your design come to life! Working within your budget, COR will source everything that is necessary to complete the work required to transform your space. Our approach is to always be transparent so you know exactly what your budget is being spent on - we will work from a procurement list with all items being previously approved by YOU.



Now that the planning phase is complete detailed installation drawings, sketches and samples will be provided so that you can confidently sign off the final details that make up your new design. When all of this is decided, these blueprints and instructions will ensure the installation is carried out efficiently and correctly, avoiding waste of time and money. A smooth installation is quintessential to your overall experience.


You can Seeing your home come together is the most exciting part. Within a defined schedule, each element is delivered and installed to the highest level, with any on-site management handled by your designer. This leaves you with the simple task of admiring your gorgeous new design.

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You can count on COR Team to assist you with any issues and snags that may arise. COR London takes pride in its outstanding customer care for the services provided.

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