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Minimal chic living room, designed using natural materials and a nuetral colour pallette

COR Interior Design Packages

We are an experienced team of professional interior designers, and we pride ourselves on offering outstanding service and a process that covers all aspects of the project to guarantee an exceptional finished article.

Our process and deliverables are clear from the get-go. Everything from the technical site survey to the installation drawings is stated in our welcome pack, proposal and agreement for your peace of mind.

Whatever stage you are at in your design journey, COR Services can help you reach your final goal.

We have a set of design service packages based on our extensive experience, but of course, each project is unique and is treated as such.

All prices are bespoke - to get a quote you can get in touch. 

Business Owner


You may have the basis of your design sorted and only need an expert advice to solve some specific issues. 


If you fall into this category, then a few hours with a designer by your side can be enough to help you apply the finishing touches to your home and ensure that everything works the way you planned. 

Bathroom 2_edited.jpg


With this option, you will have help with the design look and feel, but are happy to source, procure, oversee the installation, and project manage from your end. 


This package covers anything from the Discovery phase to the Space Planning & Design Build.

You will receive the entire design concept package, including mood boards, colour palettes and material suggestions, as well as 3D Models and photo-realist renderings, enabling you to proceed with total confidence.


  • Questionnaire & Colour Quiz 

  • 2D Floor Plans 

  • Concept Board 

  • Colour Scheme 

  • Finishes, Materials and Accessories Guide 

  • 3D Model 

  • Photo-Realistic Renderings 

IMG_2599 v2_edited.jpg


As the name suggests, this is a complete design package taking you from the initial inspiration right through to procurement and installation. 


You get to focus on what inspires you and the designer takes care of all the details to the highest standard. Additionally, to the Design Concept, this includes sourcing, negotiating prices, procurement, final installations and after care.  


You are central to your design, so you'll always have the final say and get close contact with your designer throughout. 

  • FFE Schedule  

  • Budgeting 

  • Bespoke Furniture 

  • Sourcing 

  • Sample Boards 

  • Procurement 

  • Invoicing 

  • Deliveries Management 

  • Schedule of Works 

  • Installation Drawings 

  • Site Check-Ins 



Further to Full House deliverables, this end-to-end package will provide you with even more ease from beginning to the completion of the project. 

This is a bespoke package and can include: 

  • Pre-Build – project documentation check, tender and budgeting 

  • Consolidation - avoid all of the hassles of receiving, checking and storing every single item; 

  • Project Management – Project programme with schedule of tradespeople and monitor works;  

  • Credit & Reference - checking of tradespeople and vendors/suppliers; 

  • Deep Cleaning – professional deep cleaning ahead of installation; 

  • White Glove Delivery – deliver consolidated items to the exact location and installed by trade professionals; 

  • Professional Organiser - plan and reorganize anything - clothes, paperwork and pantry for a functional space; 

  • Artwork Hanging – professional art hanging service; 

  • Styling – All accessories sourced, procured, delivered and installed in the right place; 

  • Final touches – Anything from plumping the cushions, making the beds and filling the cookie jar ahead of the move-in date. 


This is a great option for those with very little time and ready to be looked after. 


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