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Cavita Restaurant - Marylebone

Cavita Restaurant was completed by COR London in 2022.

We were first approached by the co-founder and the two founder directors of Cavita, and there was an immediate sense of connection and understanding of their design goal. Although the brief was one single line: "it should feel like you are in a Mexican granny's backyard" - we understood straight away what it would take to get there.

From the start, we dived into in-depth research of Mexican materials, traditions and colours. We knew that Cavita had to look under-designed, welcoming, and lived-in while feeling unique and sophisticated due to its Central London location.

The search for suitable materials and suppliers was extensive; they had to be as sustainable as possible, with products that bring the beauty of natural materials while looking exceptional.

Throughout the whole space, we designed several bespoke items, such as the bar, the chef's kitchen table, the cloakroom, granite table tops, and others. Still, we also integrated over thirty different second-hand antique pieces into the design.

We also brought countless items and accessories from Mexico with the help of the chef's mother.
The whole of the restaurant is embraced by a ceiling garden to optimise the floor space.

This was an ambiguous project, not without challenge but we are proud to have designed something so personal to the owners, at the right level of refinement that the space required and also showcasing my sense of aesthetic and soulful design.

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