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10 Top Renovation Tips To Increase the Value of Your Property

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Learn what products and technologies to invest in on your next home or new build project.

If you are about to embark on a refurbishment or new build project, you will soon realise that there are many modern and sleek products in the construction and home markets. You might also be becoming aware that things can add up and push your overall budget up exponentially. 

We gathered our top 10 products and solutions for you to invest in to stay trendy, chic and smart whilst increasing the value of your property’s interiors.

1. Smart Home Devices

These devices make our lives substantially easier and more efficient, saving us time and energy. You can unlock your door from your phone, put a timer for the kettle, make a coffee by tapping your tablet, set up a timer for the lights before going to bed or control the temperature automatically as the weather changes. Who wouldn’t want this comfort? Of course, we all do - but they are primarily hard-wired, so a renovation project is the best time to invest in it.

These gadgets will add functionality and a touch of luxury to your property, as well as increase the value of your real estate will rise right away. These devices include smart lighting systems, smart fridges, smart coffee machines, smart doorbells, smart fire detectors and others. One of the leading web platforms is IFFTT, which can be used with more than 360 devices without a fee. In conclusion, a smart house has a lot to offer, which will always be an excellent way to boost the value of your property

Photo: COR London

2. Luxurious Solutions for Your Window Treatment

A beautiful glass ceiling or skylight will always be a great focal point of the room. At the same time, they are impressive architectural structures that will let endless natural light in. However, especially in south facing rooms, it might get unbearably hot, and bright and even help damage your furniture. With all the new glazing invading the renovated houses, concealed blinds and shades are a good solution for window treatment. For instance, Blindspace has developed an innovative, functional and attractive solution that works even with those awkward slopped corners and windows.

These blinds can be used to black out a cinema room completely, softly filter sunlight, decrease glare, and protect against UV fading of the interiors. Most installations use electric motors, while small roof roller blinds can also be operated manually. Each blind may be independently controlled or grouped and regulated all at once using a wall switch, remote control, or any home automation system. Motorized blinds can insulate your rooms throughout the year, regardless of the season, making it comfortable at all times, whether it's a chilly winter or a warm summer day. As a result, it also saves energy and contributes to the property's value. 

As for more traditional interiors, we like to dress up our windows with curtains. The question is, "How can a curtain add value to the house?" Let us share some tips with you. You can install hidden curtain tracks that will give a more sophisticated look to your room. All you need is a dip in the ceiling plasterboard or to push back the cornice, creating a gap to hide the track behind it. It can be just a concealed track which is more cost-effective than the others but still give an upgraded look. Even better if you go with a silent track by Silent Gliss.

Photo: COR London

3. Built-in Ceiling Speakers

One of the top wireless audio companies and most well-known sound systems is Sonos. Your music-listening and movie-watching experience is improved more than ever when you use an app that interfaces with bigger smart home systems.

The technology adjusts the sound to the particular space acoustics so that your content always sounds perfect. Sonos offers various types of speakers with different sizes, sound qualities and colours, with the option to connect through Wi-Fi. The speakers can be built into the ceiling and look rather sleek.

Photo: Sonos

4. Kitchen Faucet with Amazing Features