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Interior Design Studio specialist in high-end residential and commercial property projects throughout the UK and abroad for both private clients and developers. 

COR London’s approach is more than just aiming for beauty, it is about telling stories and creating experiences. Their designs are tailored around the client's needs, desires and individualities. 

Showcasing a skilful command of strong materiality, favouring natural materials, cohesive colour schemes and mixing contemporary and vintage pieces. Nature and art are at the centre stage for COR London, bringing warmth, character, originality and fun.

Clients are a true source of inspiration for the design team. Their goals are to let your personality and business identity shine whilst adding value to your investment and property.

Helping people improve their lives by planning, designing and delivering bespoke spaces.
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Our style is driven by emotions. We always ask how you want to feel in the space and what you want the room to transmit for who is in it.

After all, we are indoors most of the time, so we understand the interiors play a significant role in how we feel and navigate life. We design spaces to tell our client's story, to be vibrant and unique, but above all, to be inspiring.

We like to call our design style artful and soulful.

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Camila Rodrigues

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Let’s work together and create your dream home and unique commercial space.

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