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Award-Winning Interior Design Studio

Working with independent brands to global hospitality leaders, we’ve assisted clients to realise they’re vision, developing commercially viable propositions and evolving existing concepts. 

Alongside our strategy services, we also specialise in hospitality branding, architecture and interior design

What we do?

End-to-End Interior Design Service  

COR London is an award-winning boutique end-to-end interior design, branding and strategy studio.We create immersive experiences through sophisticated, inspiring, and timeless spaces. Our style is inspired by nature and driven by emotions. Our forward-thinking clients are at the centre of all we do.We aspire to design commercial property's interiors as a key strategic factor in attracting a given target audience, increasing its average ticket price and creating loyalty through emotional connection and a 360 degree experience.

"A successful Commercial Property Interior Design combines a holistic 'experience' between the product, service, brand identity , the built environment and the ambience."


We design comprehensive commercial interiors that transform a vision into a memorable experience.

Our strategic approach and the relationships we build along the way are at the core of what we do, creating truly compelling concepts, emotionally engaging environments and commercially successful propositions.





Our first point of business is to understand the vision for your new hospitality venue, which will lay the foundations for creating dynamic and memorable venues across London in the hospitality sector, be it cafes, restaurants, or bars.

We will help assess the property’s location and audience on through market analysis, study the project feasibility and develop the strategy from there.

Commerial Services


With so many sensory and visual elements at play, the perfect hospitality interior will temp customers in before they even read the menu.


Brand development involves much more than just creating a logo design. It means that through our partners we can maintain continuity across all areas of your business branding – from your website to your interior. It ensures a consistent visual identity and a honed customer experience.



Whether your project requires strategic briefing, master planning, planning applications, or tender coordination through implementation.


COR London, alongside its trusted partners, will assist you throughout the entire process.


We design your interiors to be a true reflection of the audience you want to attract, your brand and your business goals.


Creating immersive, unique, and emotionally engaging interiors from the concept through planning, development, and completion.

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Our expert team is dedicated to crafting exceptional interior fit-outs that will leave your guests in awe. We meticulously design and construct spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring that every detail is carefully considered to create an unforgettable experience for all who enter.

We offer fit-out services for the Retail, Leisure, Commercial, and Residential sectors.


We offer specialised project management services to make your renovation project stress-free. With years of experience in the field, With years of experience, we turn your vision into reality and manage the project from start to finish. Trust our experienced team to bring out the best in your property and give you peace of mind.


Let's Collaborate

Whether you are a well-known commercial or an enthusiastic start-up, our designers thrive on creating exciting, original interior concepts that enhance your brand.

We will assist you from the pre-project Landlord Package all the way through completion.

Featured Work

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