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Embracing the Allure of 2024's Interior Design Trends

As a new year begins, and many of us are still defining the 2024 resolutions, some others already have on their list things such as a property refurbishment, a home update or a new DIY project - which, I know, you have been neglecting for the past 12 months.

But there are no more excuses; it is time to make your new and past resolutions a reality. However, you might say, 'Where to start?'. To help with that, here are the 2024 Interior Design Trends to feel inspired by.

As with everything else, interior design is also affected by the fast changes in trends and style, influenced by fashion, arts, pop culture and, of course, social media. Keeping pace with it is sometimes challenging. Thus, the COR London team compiled a list of the foresees 2024 Interior Design Trends, which we have kept an eye on for you. So, grab your notepad, iPad or whatever you need and let's embark on a journey through the fascinating trends that will define the 2024 Interior Aesthetics.

1. Lifestyle: Embrace Nature, Create Your Sanctuary

Picture this: sunlight streaming through the curtains, verdant greens in every corner, and textures and colours reminiscent of nature's embrace — creating spaces that feel like an extension of a serene outdoor space. For 2024, as we have already seen for the past few years, biophilia is still a trend. Add elements of nature, potted plans, earthy materials, and soft, organic textures, turning your interiors into a haven where relaxation meets the raw beauty of nature.

Photo: COR London

2. Retro Revival: Nostalgia Meets Modernity

Vintage is in vogue in all the artistic fields for 2024, and interior design is not exempt! Explore the original creations of the mid-century charm, vibrant hues, buckle chairs and retro patterns. But hear me out: you should consider adding a twist to make it unique. Infuse it with your personality, be bold, and be you! Mix and match eras, use your beloved Gramma's antiques and blend them with the new, creating a nostalgic yet contemporary vibe that resonates with your unique story.

Photo: COR London

3. Plain Out: Textures In

We have noticed a great shift in the past few years in Interior design trends, which shows no signs of slowing down. We have moved away from what once was considered an immutable trend, plain white and grey walls, and embrace textured, layered, and hand-applied finishes like Roman clay, limewash, and hand-tooled plaster. The COR London team, a bit ahead of this 2024 trend, started to use texture paint years ago, and we considered texture paint our signature mark since we used it in most of our projects.

Photo: COR London

4. Your Palette: Nature Tones

Colours speak volumes. And for the year ahead, we foresee warmer hues and earthy tones such as muddy green, creamy whites, pale yellows, burgundy, peach, and all the shades of browns would get the trophy. Yes, we know there are still many bright and bold colours out there that will be on trend for the coming months, but warmer hues, hearty tones and texture paint are the way to go for 2024.  

Photo: COR London

5. Handmade: Artisan Works Get Spotlights

It was a time when handmade products were the only form of art anyone could own in their home; Tables, chairs, dressers, and beds were uniquely hand-crafted. Then, we slowly replaced unique pieces in favour of mass-produced furniture, which made all the interiors look the same. Well, good news is on the horizon for 2024 because a new trend for imperfectly perfect design pieces is increasing the demand for one-of-a-kind work as people crave the human touch in a world of mass-produced items. Designers worldwide are celebrating this new trend, and physical and online artisan shops are growing quickly, also thanks to social media, which connects the artist to the client as never before. We at COR value artisan work with so much passion we have our own little shop showcasing Brazilian artisan products - do make sure to check it out here.

6. Uniquely Decored: Trim, Trim, Trim

As the importance of embellishing and owning unique upcycle furniture is a trend that doesn't seem to slow down for 2024, we predict that using decorative trims will be a hot trend to keep an eye on in the next 12 months. Funky, intricate, and uniquely shaped trims are all over the internet, and with the help of social media, they are becoming increasingly popular among DIY lovers. We feel that this trend will unleash your creativity since ornamental trims offer limitless potential for personalization. Don't forget that trims can be applied to furniture and walls, doors, window frames, chimneys, wardrobes, and dressers; the sky is the limit.

In conclusion, as we enter this new year, it's important to remember that interior design is not about following strict rules but a form of self-expression. The emerging trends of 2024 should serve as inspiration, not limitations, as you must create a space that reflects your unique personality and style. Your home should be a reflection of your journey, passions, and dreams, and with the right mix of old and new, you can achieve a space that tells a beautiful story. So don't be afraid to experiment and let creativity flow. If you need ideas, suggestions, help, or someone to guide you through a big or small project in the new year, at COR London, we can help you save time and money while ensuring that your project stays on budget and on schedule. Let us help you bring your vision to life and create a beautiful space you will love for years. Get in touch today

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