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6 Affordable Ways to Add Glamour to Your Bedroom

Photo: COR London

One of the most personal rooms in your home is your bedroom, which must strike a balance between tranquillity and style. The bedroom is where you unwind and refresh after a hard day. Therefore, having a nicely arranged bedroom is crucial for your comfort and sleep. But how to achieve this with a small budget? If you want to create a welcoming, pleasant room in an affordable way these tips are for you!

1. Beautiful Headboard

Headboards are taking up a big space of the wall. Therefore, it is important that it adds an element of style, softness and comfort to the bed but also enhance the overall look of the bedroom. Headboards are usually inexpensive but if you feel creative and adventurous why not create your own? There are tons of videos online that will help you through the process and they will look unique and made for your liking. The variety of materials is huge, it may be velvet, leather, linen or synthetic fabric and you can also play with curves and shapes.

Photo: COR London

2. Bring Greenery Indoor

There is something about having a plant or flower in your room. It feels like they make the room alive and bring beauty to another level. Plants are a great solution for those awkward corners or you can hang them above your nightstand to fill up the empty space. Plants are beneficial in many ways. Snake plants, orchids or aloe vera are always on trend and they are also known to give out oxygen at night to help you breathe better as well as absorb toxins from the air. So, they bring beauty to the room, and in addition, they also have many health benefits. I’m convinced.

Photo: COR London

3. Style the bed

I am a true believer in the idea that it is the details that make the design outstanding. Knowing your materials, combining textures, using a unified colour scheme, and layering for added warmth and dimension are the keys to creating a stunning bed appearance. Make the bed inviting with elegant bed linen that fits the room. Quality bedding is essential to getting a good night's sleep, in addition to making sure your bed looks good. 100% cotton materials are naturally breathable and will help you to get a good sleep whilst adding comfort and softness. And don’t forget about the cushions. Pick a colour, pattern, or design element from your bedroom and incorporate it into the cushion design. If you like to refresh your home look seasonally, a cost-effective solution might be to change the cushion covers according to the time of the year. Small details like a button, exposed zip, or piped edge can elevate the look of a bed to a higher level of sophistication.

4. Create focal point

Bedrooms are mainly used for sleeping but it doesn’t mean they are unimportant. To create a space we enjoy is necessary to have a focal point. You may not have any architectural features in the room. In this case, there are other ways to work around it. You may already have a big piece of furniture that can serve as the focal point, given the circumstances, for example, the bed. To make it stand out even more, start with beautiful wall art above the bed. As soon as you enter the room, a stunning work of art will catch your attention and can convey a lot of personalities. However, you can also use a bold carpet or hanging lights that have strong visual features that capture your focus. Despite the importance of having a focal point in your space, keep an eye out for having too many of them. They may begin to conflict or compete with one another for your attention and achieve a cluttered, busy atmosphere.

Photo: COR London

5. Upgrade hardware

Sometimes we all get bored with the old furniture we have and it makes us buy new ones. However, if your furniture still looks great and just needs some refreshment, start with the hardware. A simple and affordable approach to updating your room is to replace the hardware, and there are a variety of materials you can use to customize the look, including copper, brass, crystal and so much more. Another small detail that may add a lot to the overall look, is the hardware on your door and window. Create a unified look with all hardware and a sophisticated look is guaranteed.

6. Finishing touches

Cohesively build your design so that all pieces have a purpose. Accessories will draw your attention to details that bring perfection to an already good decor. Use a mirror to enlarge the space, and add oversized frames with cool prints or art that represents your personality and add to the room. Style your shelves and nightstands. Group items in odd numbers or the rule of three, and use your books to display and keep things looking interesting by creating a few types of arrangements. Scented candles provide lovely fragrances and are perfect to create mood light.

Photo: COR London


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