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All You Need to Know About 2023 Trends in Interior Design

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Everything feels much more upbeat now, including the 2023 design trends! We have a new year approaching which brings new hope, new resolutions and new beginnings.

While in 2022, we all hoped to get life back to what it was before, the design trends were all about calming colour schemes, plush, all-encompassing furnishings, and an overall atmosphere of swaddle and tranquillity.

Now that we're headed back to real life and 2023 is about to start, we are moving away from the romantic styles and getting ready to usher in bold and evocative individualism.

We will see a general focus on how a home's interior makes people feel and explore how design might improve their happiness, well-being, and level of productivity in their surroundings.

All of this sounds like music to our ears! We at COR London studio are all about creating and enticing feelings through our designs above anything else. We have been preaching for a long time about believing that the interiors we are inserted into are essential to our happiness and well-being.

With that in mind, we have gathered the key 2023 Interior Design Trends for you:

Curved, wavy furniture

It's a new wave coming. Curvy furniture was part of 2022 design trends already, and the good news is that they are here to stay; what's more: they are bigger than ever. The 70s has been present on the fashion runways, and it is coming back to the interior design world. Sofas, tables, chairs, staircases, and even small accessories banish the old, straight edges, and the new curves and waves have resided.

Curvy, wavy and round.

Photo: COR London

Large, bold colour furniture

What could be a better representation of passion for life than a colour scheme? Even if they only appear as highlights, brighter colours are becoming more popular in interior design as opposed to a white and neutral decor. Interiors have a new vibe as colour palettes are more energetic and fun. Patti Carpenter states in Architectural Digest article: "We see the warm side of the palette bursting forth in a range of calming corals, balmy apricots, gracious russets, and even zesty oranges."

Colours on colours.

Photo: COR London

Purple hues – Viva magenta

Pantone has revealed: Viva Magenta 18-1750 is the Pantone Colour of the Year. Viva Magenta is best described as a brave and courageous colour, which perfectly captures the COR London spirit. Viva Magenta is one of the brightest and strongest natural colours known to the world.

Lively, natural and passionate.

Photo: COR London

Lighting is art

The look of a deep, moody room brings something that gives the feeling of cosiness, elegance and sophistication. More and more black paint and decor are being used to create melancholic environments and Gothic is reportedly making a new revival along with more dramatic themes. So now, people will start understanding the value of ambient lighting and how it affects a space’s feel as they plan and construct their ideal houses.

Moody, dark with ambient 2023.

Photo: COR London